Navigating the Los Cabos Airport

Navigating Los Cabos Airport: 5 Key Tips for a Smooth Arrival at SJD

Los Cabos has quickly become one of Mexico’s hottest vacation spots, with thousands of people arriving at the  Los Cabos International Airport year after year. Last year alone, about 3.5 million people arrived, with over 4 million expected to arrive by the end of 2024.

If you’re planning on visiting soon, here are 5 important tips to keep in mind when arriving at SJD, as we get ready for a record number of passengers this year.

1. Book in Advance

Ensure a smooth start to your journey by arranging for ground transportation in advance. Many private transportation services offer online booking for one-way or roundtrip rides, ensuring your driver is ready at the airport when you arrive.

Booking ahead will save you time and money.

2. Avoid the Timeshare Zone

After picking up your bags, there’s an area outside of customs called the “Timeshare Zone.” This area is filled with sales people that will try to get your attention and offer you all sorts of freebies, like tours and activities. Some will even pretend to be a transportation service just to take you to a sales meeting.

Unless you like spending 3 hours or more attending a sales presentation, keep walking straight through the doors and avoid them altogether.

3. Do Not Bring Prohibited Items

When traveling to a new country, rules will be different. In Mexico, there are rules about certain foods, firearms and ammunition, some medications and even entering the country with too much cash.

Do your research and understand what you’re allowed and not allowed to travel with.

4. Get to the Airport Early

When dealing with a busy airport like SJD, it’s important to arrive early because going through security will take you longer than expected.

For international travel from the Los Cabos Airport, it’s recommended you arrive at least three hours before your flight.

During the high season, you may even want to show up a little earlier.

5. Consider Lounge Access

Since you need to be at the airport early, why not find a comfy place to relax?

A good option is to get access to one of the two airport lounges available at SJD. Some credit cards may include this, but if yours doesn’t, you can purchase access there for about $50.

In Conclusion:

Traveling can often bring a bit of stress. But, by following these 5 simple tips we hope to help make your next visit to Los Cabos as stress-free as possible.

After all, a vacation is supposed to be just that, a refreshing and stress-free experience. Especially when staying at Casa Heuer.

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