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With its unmatched proximity and superior air connectivity to major US travel hubs, Los Cabos is one of the fastest-growing luxury destinations in North America. Explore travel options by either air, land or sea, as well as other useful travel info.

Flights and Connectivity

The Los Cabos International Airport-SJD has 550 weekly operations, serving around 40 destinations through major international and domestic carriers. Its privileged location on the Pacific coast of Mexico makes Los Cabos easily accessible from just about anywhere in North America and the world.

Cruise Lines

A must-stop along the Pacific Coast, the Cabo San Lucas Marina functions as a cruise ship terminal. Cruise ships in Cabo San Lucas anchor in the bay (offshore) from where their passengers are tendered to the marina terminal in the inner harbor. The marina is located within walking distance from the heart of downtown Cabo San Lucas.

Cruise Lines include Carnival Cruises, Crystal Cruises, Disney Cruises, Princess Cruises, Holland America, and Royal Caribbean International.

Driving Locally

The highway system that connects San Jose del Cabo to Cabo San Lucas, and north to La Paz, is a modern highway that is safe and easy to travel. Contact us for more information on available ground transportation options to and from the San Jose del Cabo International Airport.

Renting a car allows you the freedom to enjoy and explore Los Cabos. Driving in Mexico may seem intimidating, but if you go with the flow, you will find driving locally to be quite easy. In Los Cabos, it is common for drivers to treat most intersections as four way stops.


Local Currency

US dollars are accepted almost everywhere and you will get your change back in pesos. The exchange rate will vary day to day, but most places have a fixed rate posted. You can exchange currency at the airport, but an easy way to get pesos is to simply withdraw from an ATM at any local bank branch.

Banks and ATMs

Local banks include Banamex (Citi Group), BBVA, Banorte, Santander, BanRegio and HSBC. Bank ATMs give the daily exchange rate (best possible rate). When using an ATM pay close attention to what currency you're withdrawing and try to get as much cash as possible to avoid higher fees.

Cash vs. Cards

Visa, MasterCard and American Express are generally accepted, but you may run into local, cash-only establishments. Be sure to always ask beforehand and carry a bit of cash just in case. Keep in mind most businesses will accept US dollars and your bank may charge international fees if you choose to swipe.

Dialing from Mexico

Dialing to and from Mexico can be confusing, especially when trying to call a US/CAN toll-free number. That’s why we’ve put together this easy reference guide for you when staying with us at Casa Heuer.

Local Area Codes:

  • Los Cabos: (624), Todos Santos and La Paz: (612), Loreto: (613).

Dialing Other Countries:

  • From within Mexico dial 00 + the country code (usually 1-3 digits) + the phone number.
  • For example, to dial the US or Canada, dial out 00 + 1 + your 10 digit number.

From a Mexican landline or cell phone:

  • To a Mexican long-distance number: 3 digit area code + 7 digit number.
  • To a Mexican cell phone number: 3 digit area code + 7 digit number.
  • To a US/CAN number: 00 + 1 + 3 digit area code + 7 digit number.

From your u.s. or canada cell phone:

  • To a Mexican landline or cell phone: 011 + 52 + 3 digit area code + 7 digit number.
  • To a US/CAN number: 00 + 1 + 3 digit area code + 7 digit number.

Some US carriers have arrangements with Mexican carriers and when you travel here your cell phone will use their towers. If this is your case, you would use your phone as if it were a Mexican phone.

Dialing US/CAN Toll Free Numbers from Mexico:

  • To an 800 number: 00 + 1 + 880 + phone number*
  • To an 888 number: 00 + 1 + 881 + phone number*
  • To an 877 number: 00 + 1 + 882 + phone number*
  • To an 866 number: 00 + 1 + 883 + phone number*
  • To an 855 number: 00 + 1 + 884 + phone number*

*Please note that calls will not be toll free and international rates will apply.

Local News

Los Cabos Declared the 2nd Safest Municipality in Mexico

The Mexican National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) released its report on the perception of safety in the country, interviewing thousands of citizens in 50 of the most important cities in the country.

The report places Los Cabos as the second safest municipality in Mexico, just below San Pedro Garza García, in the northern state of Nuevo Leon.

In Los Cabos, four out of five residents feel safe today compared to 5 out of ten reported back in 2018.

Cabo's Most Popular Beach "El Médano" is Very Safe

The popular and pristine El Medano Beach (Playa El Médano) in the heart of Cabo San Lucas is being guarded by local police, the Navy, and dozens of top-of-the-line surveillance video cameras.

The cameras are watched closely by the C-4, a group formed by City, State, and Federal authorities, all led by Mexican Navy personnel, making the area very safe to enjoy with friends and family.

One more reason to come and stay with us at Casa Heuer.

Stay at Casa Heuer

Tucked alongside the community of La Playita, Puerto Los Cabos is home to boutique-style hotels, a world-class marina and golf resort, and of course, Casa Heuer.

Puerto Los Cabos Beach Club

Private Beach Club

The Club Puerto Los Cabos is the heart of the community, mingle with your neighbors and celebrate the Los Cabos lifestyle.

Puerto Los Cabos Golf

Championship Golf

Puerto Los Cabos features a 27 hole golf resort, with 18 holes by Jack Nicklaus and an additional 9 holes by Greg Norman.

Puerto Los Cabos Marina

World Class Marina

A full service marina with all the amenities that offers a laid back experience close to the history and culture of San Jose del Cabo.

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